George Cardenas is Endorsed by Leading Unions of Chicago’s Labor Movement 

For Immediate Release:  December 20, 2018

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City of Chicago – Alderman George Cardenas is endorsed by the leading unions of the Chicago Labor Movement. CFL, AFSCME Council 31 and SEIU have endorsed him for fighting workplace injustice and supporting workers’ rights. Most recently Alderman Cardenas worked with SEIU Local 1 to ensure 8,000 airport workers received a long overdue wage raise and the right to a union. He was also a lead sponsor of legislation to create an Office of Labor Standards. As an immigrant and a representative of working-class neighborhoods, combating discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace is an issue close to his heart. Cardenas wants to make Chicago the national example for workers’ rights.  The Alderman stated, “Workers of the world must unite to end demoralizing working standards and poverty while creating their own American Dream. Chicago is the city of big shoulders which must continue to uphold fair and safe working conditions while increasing wages. America has been built on the blood, sweat and tears of the Labor Movement and we must honor those of the past, present, and future by making Chicago the best city for all workers.”